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What It Iz Right Now?!

In Memory Of... Prodigy - Pt 2

Publié le 2017-07-15 11:00:00 In Memory Of... Prodigy - Pt 2
Prodigy/Mobb Deep: Part 2


- Still Shinin' (Excel Do-Over Sample Edit)

- Eyes May Shine

- Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)

- Eye for an Eye

- Live Nigga Rap

- L.A. L.A. [25 to LIFE Version / White Label]

- Let Me Show You [Interlude]

- New York, New York

- Tha Dogg Pound [Interlude]

- Get Down

- Microphone Master (Sewa/41st Remix)

- Throw Your Hands (In The Air)

- P Keep Spittin'

- Outta Control (Remix)

- Pearly Gates

- You Can Never Feel My Pain

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